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Bring a Tampa Board Certified Family Law Attorney with you to Court

One of the most difficult and stressful experiences that a person can go through in life is the litigation of a family law case. Whether you are facing a divorce, paternity, or other family law matter, it is often an emotional time in your life. No two family law cases are alike; each one presents its own unique circumstances and challenges. That is why you need a Tampa family law attorney on your side.

Many people who seek the assistance of an attorney feel that they have serious communication problems with the other party or that the other party is making unreasonable demands rendering it impossible to get their divorce, paternity, or other family law matter resolved amicably and fairly. When you need a divorce or family law attorney, the attorney you choose to represent you is a very important decision. Your interests must be represented by an experienced and skilled lawyer who understands that your situation is unique, will vigorously advocate for your rights, and aggressively pursue the outcome that you want and deserve.

The Law Offices of Scott P. Davis, P.A. is an AV-rated law firm located in Tampa, Florida and is recognized for its long-standing accomplishments in family law. Mr. Davis has been in private practice since 2001 and is designated as a Board Certified Specialist in Marital and Family Law by The Florida Bar. Board Certified attorneys are the only lawyers allowed to identify themselves as “Florida Bar Board Certified,” as “specialists” or “experts” in their area of practice. Certification is the highest level of evaluation by The Florida Bar of the competency and experience of attorneys in the areas of law approved for certification. Additionally, Mr. Davis is often called on by other local family law attorneys to provide advice in their cases.

Mr. Davis has dedicated his practice to providing highly skilled representation and personalized attention to his clients with the goal of aggressively protecting their rights throughout the litigation process. He understands that family law matters are fraught with emotion, stress, and uncertainty. He listens carefully to your concerns, gives you the personalized attention that you deserve, and utilizes a balanced and solutions oriented approach to solving your problems. Mr. Davis is dedicated to his work, compassionate about his clients, and represents them with professionalism and integrity.

In some cases, parties are able to resolve their matter in the early stages such as pre-suit negotiations or mediation. On other occasions, one party continues with unreasonable demands, and it is necessary to present the case to the Court. Mr. Davis is a former state prosecutor with 17 years of trial experience. He possesses the wide-ranging ability to engage in artful negotiation or aggressive litigation, whichever the situation requires. In either event, you receive personalized attention and you and your family’s best interests are of primary concern to us. We provide thoughtful strategy throughout every step of your case. If your case goes to trial, Mr. Davis thoroughly prepares for trial and zealously fights to protect you, your rights, and the rights of your family.

Perhaps most importantly, Mr. Davis is a divorced father of two young children and has subsequently remarried. From his own life experiences, he personally understands the need to protect your assets and children as well as the complexities that occasionally arise when blending families. Mr. Davis also fully understands the need to move on with your life and in cases involving minor children, offers practical suggestions on how to improve your co-parenting relationship with the other parent. Upon request, Mr. Davis also recommends highly qualified professionals such as parent coordinators and family therapists to reverse the damage that occasionally results from the stress of the litigation process.

At the Law Offices of Scott P. Davis, P.A., we have provided successful results for our clients year after year. Mr. Davis does not “hand cases off” to less experienced associates. He will personally handle your family law matter at all stages. Our cases range from simple uncontested matters to complex and highly contested parenting plan (child custody) cases, child relocation cases, alimony and child support cases, high net asset divorces, military divorce cases, and domestic violence matters. We also represent clients in post-judgment modification cases where one or both parties are seeking to modify a parenting plan or child time-sharing schedule, alimony, or child support, as well as enforcement and contempt actions where one party is seeking to enforce the other party’s compliance with court orders.

Mr. Davis and his staff are always here to help you. If you have questions, or would like to schedule a consultation at our Tampa office, please call us at (813) 251-6222. Every client who visits our office is treated with courtesy and respect. We are here to protect your rights and we look forward to meeting and helping you.